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On Monday 9 October 2017, Dalmuir opened their Glasgow Division 2 league campaign with a home match against Inverclyde, one of the sides relegated from Division 1.

The home side were outgraded on all the boards but some excellent performances brought a 3.5 to 2.5 victory.

The first game to finish was the Board four match where Ian McKechnie, on his return to competitive chess for Dalmuir, attempted a breakthrough on the King side. His opponent, S. Hilton managed to fend off the attack before forcing and finishing a winning position. 

On Board two Nigel Chapman found himself under pressure in the opening. But strong play in the middle game resulted in his opponent, K. McDonald having to exchange his queen for a Rook, and Knight.  Nigel then pushed a passed pawn into an advanced position, forcing his opponent into defending the back rank. Running short of time Nigel offered a draw, which his opponent accepted.

The third game completed was the top board match where Jamie Mollison castled on the opposite side from his opponent. Jamie forced a breakthrough on the King side, coming out of an exchange of pieces a knight ahead.  With both sides equal in pawns there was no opening for the Inverclyde player, J. Montgomery and as a result his resignation soon followed. 

Alex Wright faced a strong opponent, J. Clader on Board three, and soon found himself a pawn down on the Queen side early in the game.  Running short of time his opponent sacked a knight to break up the black pawn structure and open up space for the white Queen.  However, failure to get the Kingside Rook into the game ultimately led to the white attack faltering and an exchange of Queens allowed black to bring both Rooks into play, threatening to mate the white King on the back rank.  With no counter play the Inverclyde player reluctantly resigned. 

With Dalmuir leading, and needing a win to secure the match, the bottom two games were running short of time.  In a time scramble James Dempsey managed to prevail on Board five, Queening a pawn and then driving his opponent into the centre of the board where a mating position was achieved, giving Dalmuir victory in the match.

The final match went in favour of Inverclyde with Andrew Fraser losing in a time scramble.

An excellent victory for Dalmuir against one of the teams that will be vying for promotion at the end of the season.


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